Moooi asked us to create the accompanying music and sound design for the launch video of the new version of the wonderful Heracleum lamp: Heracleum II. Obviously we were thrilled to do so, as we love this stunning design.

Our share

Music and audio design

The works

Nature meets technology in the Heracleum II Suspended by Bert Jan Pot. This airy LED lamp is inspired by the flowering plant of the same name that can grow as high as 5 metres. The white leaves in the Heracleum II Suspended ramify from one branch creating a very technical, natural structure thanks to Electrosandwich by Marcel Wanders

We made the sound as pure and elegant as possible to match the design of the Heracleum II. Giving it a light, feminine, silky feeling and adding subtle sound design to ensure a perfect cohesion of the electro and natural.