MUSE Awards Sonic Branding Platinum


MOOOI x KLOAQ audio design & identity

We had the pleasure of creating an award-winning audio branding strategy for the luxury furniture and lighting brand, Moooi. It was an exciting project for us, as Moooi challenged us to meet their standards of luxury and high-end design.

Our share

We created all audio design for the MOOOI Brand

The works

Our approach was to create a refined and elegant branding strategy that would provide Moooi’s audience with a multi-sensory experience. We combined usage of audio in the virtual and physical space to inspire the audience to step out of the ordinary.
Through our audio design, we created an immersive experience that complemented Moooi’s stunning visual design. Our strategy raised the bar for implementing audio in the interior design industry and set a new standard for luxury branding.
Working with Moooi was an incredible opportunity to showcase our expertise in audio branding. Our collaboration resulted in an exceptional and memorable experience that truly sets Moooi apart from its competitors.
Being part of Moooi’s success story is an honor for us at KLOAQ. We are proud to have created an award-winning audio branding strategy that has helped Moooi to further establish its reputation as an innovative leader in luxury furniture and lighting.

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MUSE Awards Sonic Branding Platinum