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About the podcast
“Oorlog op de flank’ tells the story of the liberation of the Netherlands:
from D-day in June 1944 to December 1945. As we celebrate 75 years of freedom this year the Netherlands Institute of Military History (NIMH) made a podcast,
in order to keep the stories of the war accessible and captivating for a wide audience.
In 16 monthly episodes we follow the military in warfare and hear about the sacrifices, the losses and the wins.
All leading up to the victory for the Allies and the liberation of the Netherlands.

Our share
To make the story of the road to liberation an immersive and unforgettable experience,
we added unique audio design to achieve this.
Audio is an invaluable contribution to the imagination so essential to narrative podcasts.
The addition of sound adds dimension to these stories and reinforces the emotions,
fantasy and suspense during the battle of the Netherlands and the Allies.
To bring even more life and emotion to the story we composed several pieces of music
to get the listener emotionally involved and keep their attention at all times.
Check out the full theme track here.

The works
Two main ideas behind the concept were to develop a theme song that guided the listener from darkness to light: from captivity and oppression to freedom and liberation.
And finishing it off with a touch of suspense.
In addition, create the music and auditive triggers based on the rhythm of a morse code spelling V for victory, which was broadcasted at the time to mark the end of the war.
The audio design for this podcast is a combination of music, sound design, foley and sonic branding.
In this case we had the privilege to use original footage of the World War II era
and we combined this with our own foley work and sound design to build real auditive environments.
We developed an audio identity in the form of a theme song and specific auditive triggers,
such as transitions sounds and cues, based on the theme song to make the series recognizable for the listeners.

Welcome to a whole new level of podcast imaging!

In collaboration with
NIMH, Dag en Nacht Media, Beeld en geluid

This podcast was nominated for the Dutch Podcast Awards 2020.