Oorlog Op De Flank Case

Audio Design

To make the podcast story of the road to liberation an immersive and unforgettable experience, we used #audiodesign to achieve this. We see audiodesign as the combination of #music, #sound design, #foley and #sonicbranding based on the concept behind the design.
In this case we had the privilege to use original footage of the World War 2 era shared with us by #beeldengeluid, we combined this with our own foley work and sound design to build real #auditive environments. To bring even more life and emotion to the story we composed several pieces of music to get the listener emotionally involved and keep their attention at all times. Finally we developed sonic branding in the form of a theme song and specific #auditive triggers, such as transitions sounds and cues, based on the theme song to make the series recognizable for the listeners. Two of the main ideas behind this whole #concept were to develop a theme song that guided the listener from darkness to light, from captivity and oppression to freedom and liberation, finishing it off with a touch of suspense.
In addition, we wanted to create the music and auditive triggers based on the rhythm of a morse code spelling V for victory which was broadcasted at the time to mark the end of the war.
Welcome to a whole new level of #podcastimaging!