Adidas & LEGO






Playing with LEGO, we never stopped loving it. And now we could play ánd use it as foley for
our sound design as part of the audio design we did for this amazing stop motion piece by
director Rogier Wieland, for the Adidas Originals x Lego Kids collab. And yes, real LEGO was
used while wearing our Adidas of course.

Our share

Music and audio design

The works

Adidas asked @artbox to produce the concept of ‘re-built by kids’. To show LEGO creations of
actual kids they (re-)built and brought to life their creations using stop motion. As mentioned
Rogier Wieland did the stop motion and Carlfried Verwaayen signed up for the stunning product
photography. Of course, we were responsible for the audio design.
A dream team.

In collaboration with

Client: Adidas
Production: Artbox
Producer: Geert Jansen Agency
Director, animator: Rogier Wieland
Photographer: Carl Friedverwaayen
Set: Gloudy
Retouch artist: Jan Daniel Wolters