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Lovie Award

From the second world war until 1964, the Netherlands still fanatically sent a whaling fleet to sea and whalers processed tens of thousands of whales into train-oil. In this podcast series, historian Anne-Goaitske Breteler and actress Anna Drijver take you on the adventurous but also dangerous expeditions of the past. From Friesland to Curaçao, South Africa and the South Pole. Asking the last living witnesses what it means to be subjected to public opinion that turns 180 degrees from “hero” to “murderer” and “whale-slayer.”

Our share
We created music and sound design for this series.

The works
Traanjagers is a very story driven podcast with a lot of sound design and custom music. From creating whale sounds from scratch to creating entire sailing, working and oceanic landscapes and even recording a traditional sailor song. The list goes on.

In collaboration with
Anna Drijver, Anne-Goitske Breteler, Dag en Nacht Media and Podimo.

Winner of a Lovie Award for Best Documentary.
Nominee Dutch Podcast awards Best Sound Design.

Check out the full theme track here.