Lovie Gold, MASA nominated

Beauty Blooms

The challenge was to unveil MOOOI’s new collection in a multi-sensory digital showroom that tickles all the senses. 2020’s digital presentation of MOOOI’s designs had to eclipse the known extravagant collection releases in Milan.

To come up with an idea on how sound can contribute to the different views of the same room that showcase MOOOI’s designs in a unique way that represents their individual identity.
Time, space, designs and functionality had to be translated into sound to contribute to the whole of the extraordinary digital experience. All sounds had to contribute to their values: innovative, provocative and poetic and blend together with the functionalities of the online brand experience.


Nonlinear storytelling. That was the main idea behind the uniqueness of this online experience. The audience can scroll and stroll back and forth in time and stay as long as they want to fully experience the identity of each extraordinary design.

First of all we wanted to give each product its own unique sound that represents its individual identity. To translate the characteristics and feel of a product into sounds. All sounds for the products had to evoke different emotions but had to unite into one experience.

We wanted the audio design to interact with all the technical functionalities and animations on the website. By combining sound design and music we created an audio experience that translates the identity of physical products to a virtual experience. Within this immersive experience the products still remain the center pieces of the digital showroom.


To bring this idea to life we started by bringing the products to life. To stay close to their own identity and feel, the sounds were sourced from the actual products, their components and materials. These recordings were the base of the digital translation of physical products. With these recordings we started to sketch and compose music to eventually blend naturally with the individual sounds of each product.

As audio is not just a single element but part of the whole online experience, we were involved from concept to drawing board to creation. The craft involved converting static objects to dynamic sounds and making sure all sounds blended seamlessly with all elements of the virtual experience.



The MOOOI Brand Experience was nominated to be a finalist for best Sound Design in Branding at the 2021 Music And Sound Awards.

At the Lovies MOOOI Beauty Blooms won gold for Best Design.