Deep Space Meditation








We think a lot about the power of sound at Kloaq. Lately, we’ve been thinking about how sound could somehow help in this time of pandemic and confinement. So we came up with this guided audio experience. If you can’t go out, go in, right?

Our share:
We developed this podcast and created sound design.
Check out the full podcast here.
And check out the full instrumental track here.

The works:
Designed to help the listener turn the volume down on stress as they journey into deep ‘inner’ space, it’s a sound composition that uses binaural beats to guide listeners towards deep meditative states. Binaural beats is an auditory illusion. It is perceived when two different pure-tone sine waves, are presented to a listener, one tone to each ear. The third tone is called a binaural beat, having a perceived pitch correlating to the two sine-wave frequencies. It is a technique that has been shown to lower heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. Now that’s powerful sound!

Enjoy this offering, and stay safe.