404 is a message from an advanced alien civilization that instead of entering our physical space, chose to contact us though a digital world (metaverse). We created the sounds from scratch for this highly original concept to immerse you in a world far far away from ours and take you on a trip to a different galaxy.

Our Role

@antinomylabs was approached by an anonymous entity to create this vast generative science fiction NFT project
called 404. Sounds by yours truly.

In collaboration with

Art Direction, Creative Direction, Creative Strategy by our friends at → @antinomylabs
Lore, Narrative → @ala_ska, @rigson__, Infer Studio
Brand Identity → @erno.works, @stnleoo
Website → (Design) @erno.works, (Development) @antinomylabs
3D World → @xt_projects, @morbo.online
Visuals → @stnleoo, @xt_projects, @morbo.online
Smart Contract → Transient Lab
Copywriting → @rigson__, @antinomylabs