Storytel – De beste borrel ooit



Join this countdown to Christmas together with the writers behind ‘Watskeburt?! the musical” and the fiction podcast “This Is How You Die”. An office comedy full of gossip, unnecessary management terms, blackmail, misplaced love and mistletoe.

Our share

For this hilarious series we were asked to create immersive sound design and a lot of quirky music. Ensuring that listeners remain submerged in the busy, noisy and chaotic office spaces of G-Wrap, the way too hip packaging company that forms the background of the story. The music had to have a hint of Christmas, a pinch of cynicism and a lot of good feelings.

In collaboration with

Storytel original, writers Daan Windhorst, Sofie Tseng and voice actors Diederik Ebbinge, Hymke de Vries, Jurjen van Loon and Sanne Bosman.