We were asked to design the sound of the new MOOOI collection as it moved from ‘La Biennale di Venezia’ to the online realm.

MOOOI is a Dutch design furniture and lighting brand. Moooi presents creative luxury for a wellcurated life.
To unveil their new collection in a multi-sensory digital flagship store is the only way to go.
The visually overwhelming digital showroom consists of multiple rooms. Each room has a theme and feels like a gateway to another dimension.

Our share
As sound naturally is essential to the whole, it was up to us to design an extraordinary sound for this beauty of an online presentation.
By all means it needed to tickle all senses.
Moooi’s collection stands for a life extraordinary, so we’ve made sure of audio design that represents their values: innovative, provocative and poetic.
Every room had to have a sound that harmonizes with its name and theme.
From outer space to oriental and from feminine to sexy.

The works
For every different room Moooi takes you, we’ve designed new worlds of sound and it takes you to that whole new dimension.
We were handed the delineation of the different rooms with some design outlines and went from there.
We expressed the ambiance of each room in sounds from distinguished to sexy and from experimental to comical.
Just ‘sound’ doesn’t even begin to cover it though.
We’ve created so many layers, so many vibrations, so much detailing to attain this kind of spaciousness.
In order to accomplish this we’ve made custom recordings and digitally designed sound by using synthesis.
An extraordinary project it was for us too. It took us on a sound journey ourselves and we loved every second of it.
In collaboration with BUILDINAMSTERDAM and STUDIOWIM

In this case not extraordinary as it’s only evident that Moooi is awarded for the first fully accessible multi-sensory digital flagship store.
Moooi won two Lovie Awards, which honour the best of the European internet:
Gold Lovie Award 2020 in the category Retail & shopping
Silver Lovie Award 2020 in the category best design – aesthetic

And Moooi is nominated for the Awwwards, which recognizes the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world who create unique digital experiences that are useful, innovative, intuitive, and beautiful.